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Three American Nazis Arrested, 10 Beaten As They Try to Disrupt Washington Peace March

Three members of the American Nazi Party were arrested and about 10 others were beaten and bloodied when they shouted anti-Semitic slogans in an attempt to disrupt the peace march around the Pentagon yesterday.

The incident was the first major demonstration by the American Nazis since the slaying of their leader, George Rockwell, last August. The three arrested men were taken into custody after violating regulations governing the peace march. The others were attacked and beaten by peace marchers after provoking them with anti-Semitic taunts. The Nazis wore swastika armbands and storm-trooper uniforms. Most of the peace marchers who fought them appeared to be non-Jewish. The encounter took place on a parking lot. Military Police did not intervene, saying the Army had no jurisdiction in actions of violence between civilians.

(In Tel Aviv, about 200 members of the Israeli Communist Party picketed the United States Embassy there yesterday in a protest against the Viet Nam war. They were joined by a number of volunteers from other countries.)