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United Synagogue Women Urge United States to Press for Arab-israeli Talks

The National Social Action Conference of the National Women’s League of the United Synagogue of America was on record today with an appeal to the United States Government to help bring Israel and the Arab states together for bilateral peace talks. The 400 participants in the conference acted after hearing reports on the Middle East situation and an appraisal by David L. Gamon of the Department of State’s Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs.

Mr. Gamon expressed the hope that Israel and the Arabs would be able to work out a solution to the problem, asserting that, “in the final analysis, the responsibility must be theirs. It cannot rest with outsiders.” He said, however, that outsiders could be of assistance in helping along the process of accommodation and asserted the United States was playing that role.

The conference also called on Congress for more resolute action to attack the causes of unrest and violence in American cities and urged law enforcement agencies to deal firmly with elements advocating violence in the streets.