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Knesset Votes Overwhelmingly for Eshkol’s Policy on Talks with Arabs

By a vote of 76 to 7, the Knesset (Parliament) adopted a resolution tonight reiterating the Government’s stand that only direct negotiations between Israel and the Arab states can lead to a solution of the Middle East crisis. The resolution approved the Government’s policy which was outlined by Prime Minister Eshkol two weeks ago and reaffirmed by him in a parliamentary debate this afternoon.

The seven votes against the resolution were cast by the publisher of the magazine Haolam Hazeh, a Knesset member who has styled himself a “one-man party,” by the two Communist factions, and by a group calling itself the “new center.” The latter rejected the resolution on the grounds that it implied Israel’s willingness to discuss giving up Arab territory now held, in return for a peace treaty.