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Poland Reports Expanding ‘anti-zionist’ Drive to Include All Jews in Country

The Baltimore Sun has reported that an anti-Israel and anti-Zionist drive in Poland has been broadened to a move against the entire Polish Jewish community. Stuart Smith, in a dispatch from Bonn, based on reliable information reaching West Germany, said that the chief instigator of the anti-Semitic campaign has been identified as Mieczylslaw Moczar, Polish Interior Minister and Chief of Secret Police.

The report said that Col. Zygmunt Ostrowski, a 50-year old air force officer, and secretary of the technical institute of the Air Force Communist Party organization, committed suicide after being accused of pro-Israel sympathies. Victor Borowski, the Jewish Deputy editor of the Trybuna Ludu, the Polish party newspaper, was fired on trumped-up charges of Zionist feelings.

The sources reported, however, that the anti-Semitism of the authorities is not supported by the Polish people. It was said that the average Pole welcomed the Israeli victory as a comeuppance for the Soviet Union, and sympathizes with their Jewish neighbors.