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French Leaders, Press, Continue Criticism of De Gaulle for Attacks on Israel, Jews

Maurice Clavel, a prominent French Catholic author, formerly a staunch supporter of President Charles de Gaulle, has “broken definitely” with the President because of Gen, de Gaulle’s anti-Israel and anti-Jewish statements, made here in a press conference last week. M. Clavel, currently visiting Israel, was quoted as saying that Gen. de Gaulle’s statements about Israel and the Jews were “odious.”

The sharp adverse reactions to the de Gaulle attack on Israel and the Jews have apparently evoked efforts by Gaullists to defend their leader. Rev. Michel Riquet, a Catholic priest, complained in Figaro, today that the “systematic criticism” of de Gaulle had failed to take into account his declaration that France would guarantee Israel’s existence. It is true, Rev. Riquet wrote, that de Gaulle refused to “defend Israel totally.” But, added the writer, “neither does he defend Egypt or Syria totally. De Gaulle wants to be at least the conciliator in the Middle East dispute, if not an arbitrator.”