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Rumanian Trade Delegation Arrives in Israel to Negotiate New Agreements

A Rumanian trade mission, headed by Minister of Foreign Trade Giorgio Ciora, arrived here today to negotiate trade, aviation and tourism agreements with Israel in a follow-up to the trade agreement concluded between the two countries last April. Negotiating for Israel will be a delegation headed by Minister of Trade and Industry Z. Sharef. Rumania is the only Communist-bloc nation that did not sever diplomatic and trade relations with Israel following the Six-Day War.

Last April’s trade pact between Israel and Rumania was predicated on a $20 million per annum movement of goods in each direction in place of the $2-$3 million trade movement hitherto. It included most-favored nations clauses and stipulated that goods are to be paid for in freely convertible currencies. The principal Israeli products sold to Rumania are citrus, textiles, fertilizers and asbestos. Rumania sells Israel meat, sugar, chemicals, iron and steel products and wooden crates to package oranges for export.