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Thousand University Professors Back Artur Rubinstein Protest on Polish Anti-semitism

One thousand university professors from 100 campuses across the United States called on the Polish Government today to end its “appalling anti-Semitic campaign” directed at that country’s Jewish community. In a half-page advertisement appearing in the New York Times under the auspices of the Academic Committee on Soviet Jewry, the professors expressed support of views voiced by the Polish-born musician, Artur Rubinstein, in a letter published in the Times April 28.

Mr. Rubinstein had accused ‘potent reactionary forces’ in the Warsaw regime of having “whipped up” anti-Semitism as a “weapon in a power struggle, a scapegoat for popular discontent, a smoke-screen for economic and political ills, an instrument to stifle progressive reforms demanded by the intelligentsia and students.” The letter compared recent dismissals and arrests of Jews and intellectuals in Poland with the “anti-Semitic purges of 1948-52″ in the Soviet Union.