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Arab States Have More and Better Arms Than Before War, Washington Paper Reports

Arab nations have more and better arms than before the Six-Day War, the Washington Daily News reported yesterday. The newspaper reported that 3,500 Russians are in Egypt for military training purposes, 100 in Syria, and 700 in Iraq. The newspaper reported that before June, 1967, Egypt had 12 SU-7 jet bombers. It lost seven in the war, but now has 70; it lost 130 MIG-21s, has 120 new ones; lost 100 MIG-15s and MIG-17s, now has received 100 MIG-19s. Tanks have been replaced with up to 1,000 new models.

Iraq requested and got fast jet fighters instead of heavy bombers. It now has SU-7s and many MIGs, the Daily News reported, adding that Syria had no SU-7s before the war and now has 50. It lost 30 of its 45 MIG-21s, now has 70. Tanks have been replaced by up to 250 new ones.