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Republican House Members Introduce Resolution to Define U.S. Middle East Policy

Republican members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, led by Reps. Paul Findley, of Illinois, and Robert Taft Jr., of Ohio, introduced a concurrent resolution in the House today to define American policy on the Middle East. It called on the Administration to use its power and influence to bring about lasting peace in the area. The resolution affirms that Israel is entitled to have all nations recognize her right to exist and that Israel and her Arab neighbors are entitled to international guarantees of their borders in return for pledges to renounce the use of force.

The resolution also would commit the United States, the maritime nations and the United Nations to recognize the Gulf of Aqaba as an open sea and the right of all nations to free and innocent passage through the Strait of Tiran and innocent passage through the Suez Canal. On the subject of Jerusalem, the resolution calls for control of the Holy Places by an international agency composed of Jewish, Christian and Moslem religious representatives, to assure access to the Holy Places to pilgrims of all faiths.