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Czech Students Offered New Immigrant Status if Decide to Stay in Israel

A group of Czech students were offered today full status as new Immigrants if they decide to remain in Israel because of the occupation of Czechoslovakia by the Soviet Union and other Warsaw Pact countries. The offer-was made by Uzzi Narkis, director general of the Jewish Agency’s immigration and absorption department. New immigrant status would make the students eligible for housing, Jobs and general assistance.

Menachem Belgin, leader of the Herut Party, addressed a protest rally against the occupation of Czechoslovakia here last night. Denouncing the Soviet invasion, he said that nothing more could be expected from a nation that once signed a pact with the Nazis, a reference to the Hitler-Stalin pact of 1939 which gave the Germans the green light to invade Poland and start World War II. “A nation that was a partner of the Nazis is capable of anything,” Mr. Beigin said.