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Hadassah Leader Says Communists, Arabs Use ‘zionism’ to Conceal Inner Tensions

The Soviet Union, some of its “client” states in Eastern Europe and the Arab countries are using “Zionism” as their scapegoat to mask their “internal tensions and problems” and to hide their anti-Semitism, Mrs. Charlotte Jacobson declared today in her presidential report to the 54th annual convention of Hadassah, the American Women’s Zionist organization.

Mrs. Jacobson told the 2,000 delegates to the convention that what the Eastern European countries and the Arab states feared was “Israel as a Zionist state which is a beacon of hope to all the small nations of the world, showing that they do not have to be dominated by other nations.” She described Zionism as the “unifying force of the Jewish people in their never-ending fight for collective security and survival.”

In a message to the convention, President Johnson praised Hadassah for “its devotion to the cause of alleviating human suffering.”