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‘freiheit’ Reports Letter from Polish Jew Telling of Suspension of Yiddish Magazine

The Morning Freiheit, the left-wing Yiddish publication, reported yesterday receiving a letter from a long-time Jewish Communist in Poland asserting that the literary monthly magazine, Yiddishe Schriften (Yiddish Letters), had been suspended by Polish authorities and its editor, the poet David Sfard, had been relieved of his post.

The writer of the letter, who was not identified by the Freiheit. said he was writing from Vienna on a stopover on his way to Israel. He asserted also that the poet, Moshe Sklare, former secretary of the Warsaw Yiddish publication, the Folkstimme, also was in Vienna, en route to Israel, as were Yosef Goldkorn, a former member of the Folkstimme staff, and the Polish Jewish poet, Arnold Slutzky. According to the Freiheit, the letter-writer said anti-Semitism was rising in Poland and that “what is happening now in Poland is not an exodus but an expulsion” of Jews.