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Jeers Drown out Applause As Ben-gurion Delivers Bitter Attack on Eshkol

Jeers drowned out the applause for former Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion who delivered one of his bitterest attacks on his old political foe, Prime Minister Levi Eshkol, in an address to students at the Mann Auditorium here yesterday. Mr. Ben-Gurion branded Mr. Eshkol and his advisors “corrupt” and said he was worried about Israel’s future under their leadership.

The former Prime Minister, once a national hero, was constantly heckled and shouted down by members of the audience but appeared to be unfazed. “I am a lone man,” he said. ‘I have no party behind me. I say what I believe.” One of the things he said he believed was that Israel might face another war with the Arabs “and there is no surety we will win again.” He said Israel’s future depended on quality prevailing over the quantity of the Arab population in neighboring countries.