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5-man Guerrilla Band Wiped Out, Israelis Capture 17-member Terrorist Group

A five-man Arab guerrilla band was wiped out in an encounter with an Israeli patrol yesterday near El Hamma in the Golan Heights, close to the Jordanian border, a military spokesman reported. Israel authorities also announced the capture of a 17-member Arab terrorist gang from Hebron believed responsible for at least four acts of sabotage or attempted sabotage. Ten were described as “collaborators” who provided saboteurs with food and shelter. Two others are Hebronites who recently received training in Jordan.

A 17-year-old Los Angeles girl, Sari Roberta, who is not Jewish, lost her right foot yesterday when she stepped on an anti-personnel mine in a banana grove near Kibbutz Golan in the Beisan Valley where she was working as a volunteer. She is one of 30 American volunteers at the kibbutz, located less than a mile from the Jordanian frontier.