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American Zionist Council Plans to Counter Anti-israel Propaganda Campaign

The chairman of the American Zionist Council said yesterday his organization planned to act to combat a propaganda campaign in the United States which attacked Judaism and Israel “in the guise of anti-Zionism.” Rabbi Israel Miller told a Council all-day conference on the ‘Middle East Crisis” that the propaganda is disseminated in the United Nations, in “respectable church publications” and on campuses. Depicting anti-Israel propaganda efforts in the U.S., Dr. James Sheldon, chairman of the department of Christian social relations, Protestant Council of New York, said there were four principal sources of it: 14 Arab delegations in the UN, the Arab information office, the Palestine Arab Delegation and the Palestine Liberation Organization, all in New York City. Nathan Kameny, co-chairman of the Middle East Affairs Committee of the B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation League, cited the propaganda campaign of the Organization of Arab Students, with representatives on 125 U.S. university and college campuses. Rev. Karl Baehr, director of the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee’s inter-faith committee, said that despite the presence of many friends of Israel in the Christian ministry, there are many churchmen “placed strategically” on mission boards who are “enemies of Israel.”