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Israel Replies to Sniping by Egyptians at Canal, Engaged in 2-hour Fire Exchange

Persistent sniping by Egyptians on the west bank of the Suez Canal escalated today into a two hour exchange of fire with Israeli forces across the waterway as Israelis abandoned a policy of restraint and hit back at the Egyptians. At the same time, Israeli forces laid down a heavy barrage against Jordanian units who provided covering fire for a gang of Arab saboteurs pursued by an Israeli patrol in the southern Golan Heights. Two saboteurs were killed.

Three Israeli soldiers were wounded today in a bazooka attack from Jordanian territory on a patrol near the Junction of the Israeli, Jordanian and Syrian borders. An Israeli soldier was killed yesterday and two others were injured in pre-dawn clash with Arab saboteurs in the Jordan Valley. Israeli forces replied with heavy fire to a Katyusha rocket attack launched from Jordanian territory on a Beisan Valley village last night. Several Katyusha rockets were fired near Kuneitra, the main township in the southern Golan Heights. There were no casualties or damage.

The Nablus office of the Bank Leumi was damaged by a bomb that went off in its doorway yesterday. Eleven local Arabs were arrested on suspicion. A bomb went off in front of an Arab grocery stall in Tel Aviv yesterday blasting a three-foot crater and damaging a car parked nearby.