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Soviet Condolence Note on Riad Confirms Suspicion That Other Officers Were Killed

A Soviet note of condolence to the Egyptian government, broadcast by Cairo radio yesterday, has confirmed Israel’s suspicions that Egypt’s Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen. Abdel Moneim Riad, was not the only high-ranking officer killed during Sunday’s artillery duel across the Suez Canal. The Soviet note, signed by Defense Minister Andrei Grechko, expressed the sympathy of Soviet armed forces for the death of “Gen. Riad and a number of other commanders in the line of duty.” It asked that the Cairo government convey the condolences to the “bereaved families.” Gen. Riad was killed by tank fire from across the 150 yard-wide canal while inspecting Egyptian artillery positions at Ismailia early Sunday morning. He was given a hero’s funeral in Cairo Monday. The official announcement of his death made no mention of other casualties, but Israeli officers said Gen. Riad must have been accompanied by several headquarters staff officers as he undoubtedly would not have gone on an inspection tour alone.