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New West German Justice Minister Says Limitations Law Should Be Abolished

The new West German Minister of Justice, Horst Ehmke, said on a television interview today that he shared the view of his predecessor, Gustav Heinemann, now President of the Federal Republic, that the statute of limitations on war crimes prosecution should be abolished. Mr. Ehmke said he hoped this would be done before the statute takes effect at the end of the year.

The extreme right-wing National Democratic Party (NPD) announced today that it would soon start printing 15 million copies of a propaganda newspaper. The party said its recent electoral success in North Westphalia was due to the weakness of the Social Democrats there. Gerhard Frey, publisher of the ultra-nationalist, anti-Semitic newspaper, Deutsche National und Soldaten Zeitung, protested that the decision of the Minister of Interior to ban his paper would amount to suppression of freedom of the press. Steps to ban the newspaper were taken after it published an attack on Israel.