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Alain Poher Calls Unilateral Embargo ‘unacceptable’, Indicating He Would Lift It

French Presidential candidate Alain Poher said today a unilateral embargo against a single country “was unacceptable,” and that the entire issue “would have to be reexamined,” should he be elected next month. M. Poher’s statement is the first explicit promise yet given within the current French Presidential campaign that the embargo on arms and spare parts to Israel would be lifted. George Pompidou, the Gaullist candidate, has consistently sidetracked the issue, and today, at a campaign meeting, called for a general embargo on all the belligerents.

The acting President said France must speak and work for a “just settlement in the Middle East within the framework, however, of its traditional friendship and past commitments.” He added that France must be at the forefront of any peace effort.