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Communist Parties’ Conference Blames Israel for Tensions in Mideast

An “Appeal in Defense of Peace,” adopted by the international meeting of 75 Communist Parties in Moscow and made public yesterday warned in part that “as a result of Israeli aggression against the Arab peoples, a dangerous seat of tension is being preserved in the Middle East which may start a war conflagration at any moment.”

The “Appeal” called on all peoples for action in behalf of peace “to strive for the liquidation of the consequences of Israeli aggression in the Mideast on the basis of the resolution of the United Nations Security Council” of Nov. 22, 1967

The call for action on Israel was the first item listed after a demand for “an end to the U.S. aggression in Vietnam.” The Communists’ appeal called on all classes of people including “religious communities and associations” and “people of different religious faiths” to support their plea for peace.