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Police Clash with Neturei Karta on Autopsy Issue, Arrest Leader Amram Blau

Some 400 members of the ultra-Orthodox Neturei Karta sect protesting autopsies clashed here with police yesterday. Twenty protestors were arrested, including veteran Neturei Karta leader Amram Blau. The demonstrators gathered at dusk at Sabbath Square, holding up traffic and shouting anti-Zionist and anti-autopsy slogans. A police detachment asked them to disperse, but they regrouped after an hour and threw stones at policemen. The police brought up a baton charge against the demonstrators, arresting the leaders and dispersing the rest with a high-pressure water hose. Observers believe the issue is being reopened as the election draws near and the Neturei Karta wants to influence the moderate Orthodox on the autopsy issue. The clash was the most violent of its kind since the 1967 war.