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Jerusalem’s Anglican Archbishop, Visiting N.y., Calls for Pilgrimages to Holy Land

The Anglican Archbishop of Jerusalem expressed hope here yesterday for pilgrimages to the Holy Land by Jews, Christians and Moslems. The Most Rev. George W. Appleton, spoke at a reception given by Amram Zur, who represents the Israel Tourism Ministry in North America.

Rev. Appleton, recently appointed to his post, told the inter-faith gathering at New York’s posh St. Regis Hotel that visits to the Holy Places would be a “real contribution to peace.” Jews, Moslems and Christians in the Middle East need to get together, he said, to understand one another and their common spiritual lineage. “We are all brothers in father Abraham; we all worship the God of Abraham,” he declared. If all three religions worked together in understanding, peace and the common life of all in the Mideast could be promoted, Rev. Appleton said. He invited all pilgrims to visit Jerusalem.