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Mrs. Meir Voices Hope That Egyptians Will Stop Tolerating Suffering Under Nasser

Premier Golda Meir told a meeting at Tel Aviv university yesterday that peace with the Arabs seemed far away but that she expressed the hope that the Egyptian people would not tolerate much longer the sufferings and poverty to which they were subjected by the “war like” policies of President Gamal Abdul Nasser.

Mrs. Meir was a guest of Tel Aviv of which she is a “free woman-honorary citizen.” She said that if President Nasser could take some time off from his “great aspirations” to “throw the Jews into the sea” and examine such “smaller problems” as the need to improve the living conditions of Egyptian families, he would see that he was sinning against his people.

In her address to the university senate, she also said that more room should be made available in Israeli universities for students from abroad.