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Correspondent Reports Signs of Disunity and Weakness Among Arab States

There is evidence of disunity and weakness among the Arab States in the current crisis, the Washington Evening Star reported today from Geneva.

Andrew Borowiec, its correspondent, said that Arab statesmen have postponed “crucial decisions in their struggle against Israel.” He termed the Cairo conference of the Arab League an “anti-climax” and noted that there was no reference to real military action in the cautiously worded Cairo statement—“A strange contrast to the tension of recent days.”

Mr. Borowiec wrote that “Arab experts are trying to unravel the implications of this sudden moderation.” He said most observers saw indications of disunity, reluctance to act, and weakness rather than a deliberate preparation of total war against Israel. There were “no indications that the Arab world is about to overcome its feuds and plunge ahead on into another military adventure.”