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Argentina Promises to Probe Jewish Complaint of Arab Attempt to Sow Discord

The Argentine Government has promised to investigate Jewish complaints that Arab propagandists were attempting to sow discord between Argentine Jews and Arabs in provincial cities. The complaint was made by the DAIA, the central representative body of Argentine Jewry, which sent a delegation recently to the Minister of Interior, Gen. Francisco Imaz. They charged that the propagandists were using advertisements in local newspapers to incite Arabs against their Jewish neighbors.

Gen. Imaz said in a letter to the DAIA that “our national Government, according to the historical traditions of our people, guarantees and encourages, by all useful means, respect for the spiritual values of those who live on our soil — nationals or foreigners — towards open coexistence without distinctions of race or religion. The concern brought to our attention by the Jewish community shall be treated with the diligence and consideration deserved by human rights.”