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Israeli Diplomats Says Nasser Gave Sharp False ‘sweet Talk’

Diplomatic quarters here said today that Mr. Sharp had been given “the sweet talk that Nasser reserves for visiting Western statesmen.”

The diplomats commented on press reports of Mr. Sharp’s statement upon leaving Cairo. He was quoted as having said that both Israel and Egypt equally desire peaces. This remark was described here as “another example of Nasser’s two-facedness and hypocrisy.” Israel has learned that his talks with Western statesmen should not be taken seriously; rather, attention should be paid, to his “official warlike speeches for they are usually followed up by action while his speeches are not,” a source said.

At a news conference in Cairo, Mr. Sharp said that while President Nasser had reiterated his support for the United Nations Security Council’s Nov. 22, 1967 resolution, the Canadian found “a good deal of discouragement” in Israel and Egypt over the outlook for progress toward a non-violent solution to the conflict. He said, “one would have to be a very considerable optimist to think that any progress had been made recently.”