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Youth Aliyah is Subject of New Book by Chasya Pincus, Wife of Jewish Agency Chairman

The story of Youth Aliyah, which has brought over 120,000 children and teenagers to Israel, is told in a new book, “Come from the Four Winds–The Story of Youth Aliyah” by Chasya Pincus, to be published this month by the Herzl Press.

Beginning with its conception at a meeting of young Zionists in January, 1933, when Nazi storm troopers were marching through the streets of Berlin to celebrate their rise to power, the book tells of Youth Aliyah’s 35 years in the personal stories of many of “its graduates”–children rescued from the concentration camps of Europe and the ghettos of the Middle East.

Mrs. Pincus, the author is the wife of Louis A. Pincus, chairman of the Executive of the Jewish Agency for Israel. She went on Aliyah shortly before the birth of the Jewish State.