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Aj Committee Protests Gov. Rockefeller’s Proposal to Repeal Blaine Amendment

Governor Nelson Rockefeller’s proposal to repeal the Blaine Amendment, which prohibits state aid to parochial schools, was attacked yesterday in a letter the New York Chapter of the American Jewish Committee sent to the Governor. Edward D. Moldover. Chapter President, wrote that the Governor’s recommendation “threatens the very survival of decent public education,” and would “escalate the polarization of our citizens,” by causing their further deterioration, and by creating a competition for funds among private, parochial and public schools. Mr. Moldover also said that the Governor’s suggestion ignores the defeat of a new state constitution two years ago primarily because it proposed the repeal of the Blaine Amendment. Other major Jewish organizations sent letters opposing the Governor’s stand last week. The reason for the Committee’s delay, according to Haskell Lazere, Director of the New York Chapter, is that they wanted to present a reasoned and balanced argument, not an “off-the-cuff” rejection.