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89 House Republicans Favor Direct Arab-israeli Talks; Crane Praises Nixon’s Message

Rep. Philip M. Crane. Illinois Republican, told the House Tuesday that 89 House Republicans now subscribe to his resolution calling for “face-to-face” Arab-Israeli negotiations and that President Nixon has given impetus to the resolution by his message this week supporting Israel. The Congressman said “the President has voiced a new guideline that will reassure our friends and serve notice upon our foes. The response of the Israeli Government, expressed by Prime Minister Golda Meir. is gratifying.” Rep. Crane said “the President’s statement gives new thrust and meaning to our resolution.” He said it indicated that “a consensus is emerging on this vital policy matter.”

The Congressman said the President’s message to the National Emergency Conference of Jewish Leaders “has done much to clarify American policy by “rejecting any notion of the Soviet Union or the Arabs that a so-called peace can be imposed upon Israel by the superpowers.” He said that the President’s statement reflected “the spirit and essence of our resolution.” The Congressman made known that he will continue to press for “a real peace” instead of diplomatic formulations that tend to appease the Russians and Arabs.