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Arabs Gave World Algebra but Can’t Add How Many Israeli Planes They Shot Down

If Arab claims are to be believed, at least half of Israel’s Air Force has been shot down since the June. 1967 Six-Day War. According to Arab arithmetic, the Israelis have lost 321 aircraft up to the first three weeks of January. 1970. The Egyptian Air Force admits 12 losses for the entire two and a half year period and Syria conceded 13.

An Israeli spokesman said today that Israeli air losses since June. 1967 amount to 16 planes and that the combined Egyptian and Syrian air forces lost 81 in the same period. In 1967. Israel lost three planes though the Arabs claimed 36. In 1968 Israeli losses again were three but Arab claims mounted to 49. During 1969, Israel admits nine air losses while the Arabs credit themselves with 218. And since the beginning of January, 1970. the Arabs say 18 Israeli aircraft were downed. Israel places its losses this month at one.