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Right Wing Isolationist Calls for Senate Rejection of Genocide Convention

A leading right wing isolationist called yesterday for Senate rejection of the genocide convention alleging that it would curtail legal protections afforded Americans by the Constitution. The opposition to American ratification of the convention came from Dr. Clarence E. Manion, former dean of the Notre Dame University Law School, in a radio broadcast sponsored by the Manion Foundation. Manion said “internationalist” were seeking to get the American Bar Association to reverse its opposition to the convention. The ABA will meet in Atlanta Feb. 23-24. He asserted that if approved, the convention “will supersede the Constitution and become the supreme law of the land in the entire area of its sweeping coverage.” The United States is the only major power which has not ratified the convention. Secretary of State Rogers and Attorney General Mitchell have advised President Nixon to seek ratification of the convention which the senate has pigeonholed for more than twenty years.