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Jewish Weekly Newspapers Adopt Various Measures to Deliver During Postal Strike

American Jewish weekly newspapers, unable to reach their subscribers by the customary mail deliveries owing to the strike of postal workers in a number of Eastern cities, adopted various means of getting this week’s editions distributed. The Jewish News of Newark, N.J. distributed quantities of the edition to synagogues in the Newark area for free distribution. Advertisements in the daily press advised News subscribers that they could pick up copies at the News office in downtown Newark. The Jewish Standard in Jersey City, N.J., Informed Its subscribers through advertisements in the daily press that they could obtain copies of the paper at Its publication office. The paper also planned to set up home delivery by messenger, if the strike continues, In New York, major Jewish organizations arranged messenger service to pick up their copies of the JTA Daily News Bulletin each morning. JTA wire services were expanded to provide bulletin and headline services to a number of papers which in the past relied on mail deliveries of news copy.