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Prominent French Jews and Non-jews Denounce Russia’s Anti-jewish, Anti-zionist Policies

The Soviet Union’s policy on Jews was denounced at a rally here by noted French figures, both Jewish and non-Jewish, who called on the Kremlin to “lift the veil” from its anti-Semitic position. Former Gaullist Minister Raymond Triboulet called for worldwide pressure on the Soviet Government on behalf of international Jewry. Former Nuremberg trial prosecutor Alfred Coste Floret told the rally attended by 3,000 persons, that “in the Soviet Union, anti-Zionism has become plain anti-Semitism” and that “the Declaration of Human Rights, which it has signed, has ceased to exist.” Father Roger Braun, a Catholic priest, declared that “for a real Christian, anti-Semitism is impossible.” He called on an all-out fight against bigotry. A resolution presented by Salomon Friederich, president of the French Union of Jews From Eastern Europe, urged the Kremlin to modify its Jewish policy.