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Arab Leaders Confer on Policy of Retaliation Against U.S. if Jets Are Sold to Israel

The leaders of Egypt, Libya and Sudan are meeting in Khartoum, reportedly to work out a common policy of retaliation against the United States should it supply more Phantom jets to Israel. President Nasser arrived at the Sudanese capital yesterday followed by Libyan Premier Muammar el-Qaddafi. They were greeted by Sudan’s Premier, Maj. Gen. Gaafar Muhammed al-Nimeiry, who is celebrating the first anniversary of the military coup that brought him to power. The three African Arab countries joined in a defense alliance earlier this year. Political sources said their leaders would be discussing an agreement on increased contributions by all the Arab states to the military effort against Israel. The failure to reach such an agreement at the all-Arab summit conference at Rabat, Morocco last January was one of the factors that prompted the tri-partite pact between Libya, Egypt and Sudan.