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Scott-mondale Resolution Submitted; Israel Termed More Important to U.S. Than Vietnam

Senate Republican Minority leader Hugh Scott of Pennsylvania and Sen, Walter Mondale. Minnesota Democrat, introduced a resolution urging President Nixon “strongly” to “call upon the Soviet Union to withdraw all Russian personnel as a major step toward encouragement of peace in the Middle East.” The resolution, which was sent to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, declared that “the introduction of Russian pilots and the manning of missile sites by Russian technicians in the United Arab Republic are contributing to the increasing tension in the Middle East.” Sponsors of the resolution stated that Israel is more important to the U.S. than Vietnam. Sen. Mondale told the Senate he doubted that the U.S. had any national interests or real commitments in Southeast Asia. But, he added, “there is no debate over our firm commitment to the balance of power in the Middle East or to the need to stand by the beleaguered nation of Israel.” The resolution follows a letter sent to Secretary of State William Rogers, asking for immediate sale of jets to Israel. The letter was signed by 73 Senators.