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Grief Expressed by Mizrachi Federation, Wj Congress, Jewish Agency on Death of Shapiro

Mizrachi Federation Chairman Rabbi Meyer Frydman said Friday that the death of Mr. Shapiro deprived religious national Jewry of its greatest lay leader and the State of Israel one of its main architects and unifying personalities. “He stood out as a man of integrity and selflessness,” said Rabbi Frydman. “His commanding personality, wide experience and dedication to the cause of the totality of the Jewish people, made him one of the most respected and beloved of Jewish leaders.” (In Geneva, Dr. Nahura Goldmann, president of the World Jewish Congress, said Mr. Shapiro was morally and politically one of the most Impressive representatives of the Zionist movement and Israel. “His loyalty and his moral integrity, his unequalled sense of responsibility, tolerance and comradeship made him one of the most respected and beloved leaders of Israel and world Jewry,” Dr. Goldmann said. A close bond of cooperation and friendship had been established between the Executive of the World Zionist Organization and Mr. Shapiro. Dr. Goldmann stated and added: “On behalf of the WJC I mourn the loss of one of the central personalities of our people. I am personally deeply grieved by the death of a friend and comrade whose advice and support always were for me of greatest value.”) (In New York, the Jewish Agency office here cabled to the Israel government its condolences on behalf of the Agency’s American section. The cable was signed by Dr. Emanuel Neumann, chairman of the American section.)