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Dayan: Israel Can Withstand Dictates from Friends, Foes, but Can’t Dispense with Allies

Defense Minister Moshe Dayan today told a meeting of student journalists that Israel was “strong enough to withstand dictates from friend and foe alike,” as “our strength is sufficient in men, equipment and technology.” However, he added, “we are not strong enough to be able to dispense with allies even if we have to win them at the price of compromises and meeting some of their demands.” While he spoke. Air Force planes for the 68th straight day attacked Egyptian positions along the Suez Canal. The attacks were against fortifications and emplacements along the southern and northern sectors of the canal. All planes returned safely. (In Cairo, an Egyptian spokesman claimed an Israeli Mirage had been shot down yesterday.) A Lebanese youth who entered Israel today was captured by a security patrol while returning to Lebanon. He was taken to the border station at Roash Hanikra in good physical condition. Representatives of the Red Cross were there to supervise his return to Lebanon. An Israeli civilian pickup truck was attacked yesterday morning while on its way on the Southern section of the Golan Heights. The vehicle was damaged but no injuries were reported.