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Czech Press, Radio Launch Anti-semitic Attacks; Raises Fears of New ‘show Trials’

Anti-Semitic attacks by the Czech radio and press have raised fears of new “show trials.” Both Radio Prague and the Communist newspaper Bratislava Pravda have launched virulent anti-Semitic attacks on so-called “Jewish Intellectuals who have poisoned the political and cultural life of Czechoslovakia.” The two attacks are based on a recent book “Zionism and Anti-Semitism” by Frantisek J. Kolar. Both media said that longer extracts of that book will be published next week. Bratislava Pravda criticized the Jewish intellectuals, who in spite of their nationalism and hidden Zionism have managed to hold important posts in the Czech nation’s cultural life. “It is due to these Jewish intellectuals that Zionism has made its influence known in Czech and Slovak literature and that Jews have started occupying important positions wholly out of proportion to their true numbers,” Pravda wrote.