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Israel Conferring with U.s., Other Governments to Forestall Mideast Debate in UN

Israel is urgently trying to forestall a Middle East debate at the United Nations General Assembly on grounds that it would be unproductive and destroy chances of finding a peaceful solution. The Israeli government has been in close contact with the United States State Department and with other Western governments on this matter, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency learned reliably today. The Egyptian government has indicated its intention of seeking a new UN resolution on the Mideast that would castigate Israel and embarrass the U.S. Israeli sources say the Arabs once again are trying to use the UN as the rostrum for unbridled attacks on Israel. Israel believes that the Security Council’s Resolution 242 of Nov. 22, 1967 offers sufficient scope for a peace agreement. Arab intentions seem to be to draft a collateral resolution with the main emphasis on Israeli withdrawal from the occupied territories.