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An Estimated 48 Sam Missile Batteries Moved into Truce Zone

Israeli sources estimate that the Egyptians have introduced 48 SAM missile batteries into the Suez cease-fire zone since the Aug. 7 truce and have prepared enough launching sites to accommodate up to 1000 missiles. The estimate was calculated on the basis of the number of complaints of Egyptian cease-fire violations lodged by Israel with the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization so far. Each complaint is based on new intelligence information reaching the Israeli Army. Of the estimated 48 missile batteries, about ten are believed to be Soviet-manned SAM-3s. According to the Israeli sources, each SAM-3 battery requires about 200 persons including operating and maintenance technicians, guards and advisors. Since the SAM-3s are manned by Russians only, the Israelis conclude that there are at least 2000 Soviet military personnel and technicians at present in the cease-fire zone. The Israelis say that if all of the new missile sites are equipped with SAMs, the cease-fire zone will possess a density of missiles never known anywhere else in the world.