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Ministry of Education, Wzf Agreement on Jewish Education in Diaspora Approved

The Government-Jewish Agency Coordinating Board approved today the agreement recently concluded between the World Zionist Federation and the Ministry of Education and Culture on cooperation in the propagation of Jewish education in the Diaspora. The principal benefit of the agreement is that the difficult job of recruiting Judaica teachers for Jewish schools outside Israel will be taken over by the Ministry. A special section to be called the Centre for Jewish Education in the Diaspora will be set up for this purpose within the Ministry. One of the major difficulties in the recruitment of Israeli teachers for service abroad is that they stand to lose their seniority rights and other social benefits if they stay away for long periods. Under the new agreement, the Ministry of Education promises to see to it that Israeli teachers who return home after a lengthy period of expatriation do not become worse off financially than those of their colleagues who stayed at home.