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American Jews Still in Danger from Prejudice, Hate, Dr. Abernathy Warns

The American Jew, despite all his success, is “still in danger” from prejudice and hate, black civil rights leader Dr. Ralph Abernathy told a capacity audience at the Holy Blossom Temple here. Dr. Abernathy, president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and successor to the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., said the Jew’s thread of security was “very thin indeed.” Speaking Friday night. Dr. Abernathy told the audience: “Today in America, the black man is the Jew in Egypt.” During the early years of the American civil rights movement, he said, Jews and blacks had been close allies and that relationship continued today despite those detractors who would turn the two groups against each other. According to the civil rights leader, the prejudice some blacks harbour against Jews was not nearly as widespread as some would make out. “Blacks should not forget that Jews are our closest allies,” concluded Reverend Abernathy.