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Motion to Debate Showing of Play Considered Pornographic Defeated in Knesset

The Knesset voted 35-3 today to reject a motion by the Agudat Israel party to debate the presentation of a new play which the Orthodox consider pornographic. The play, titled “Kfotz,” has been approved by the state censorship board and will have its premier shortly. It is said to be on the style of the American erotic musical “Hair” but with more nude scenes. The matter was referred to committee after the vote in which the Agudat Israel was joined by two splinter factions, Rakach and Haolem Hazeh. Minister of Interior Joseph Burg of the National Religious Party called “Kfotz” “a piece of moral and religious corruption” but said he had no authority over the censorship board although it is part of his ministry. There was no indication that the objectors had seen the show.