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1000 Persons Express Solidarity with Soviet Jews, Protest Trial, Pledge Aid

One thousand people attended a mass meeting at the Jewish Community Center here today to express solidarity with Russian Jews and to protest the trial. A resolution was adopted at the rally pledging Danish Jewry to do whatever it can to alleviate the plight of Jews in the Soviet Union. Speakers at the meeting included Aksel Larsen, leader of the Socialist Peoples Party; former Foreign Minister Per Heckerup; a leader of the Social Democrats, and Denmark’s Chief Rabbi Bent Melchior. Rabbi Melchior displayed a petition he said he received from ten Jews in Vilna who complained of repeated and unjustified refusal by Soviet authorities to permit them to emigrate to Israel. The petitioners, who signed their full names, asked the Chief Rabbi to bring their plea to the attention of Denmark’s Prime Minister, Israel’s Premier Golda Meir and United Nations Secretary General U Thant.