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Knesset Votes 77-27 to Return to Talks; No Confidence Motion Defeated by 81-27

The Knesset voted 77-27 tonight to approve a government motion for Israel to return to the Jarring peace talks. The motion was supported by the Labor Alignment, Mapam, the National Religious Party, Agudat Israel, Poalei Agudat Israel and the anti-Moscow Maki Communist faction. It was opposed by Gahal and the Free Center party. Nine abstentions were registered by the State List, the pro-Moscow Rakach Communists and two NRP Knesset members. A motion of no confidence introduced by the Free Center and supported by Gahal, was defeated 81-27 in an earlier vote. The Knesset also rejected by a 77-27 vote a Gahal motion urging the government to continue its boycott of the Jarring talks and adhere to its policy of direct peace negotiations with the Arabs. A Rakach motion calling for an immediate return to the Jarring talks and implementation of the Security Council’s Resolution 242 of Nov. 22, 1967, was defeated 104-three.