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Strong Suspicion Israeli Envoy to Brazil Was Marked for Kidnaping by Terrorists

The Israeli ambassador to Brazil, Yitzhak Harkavi, was given unusual security coverage at the Rio de Janeiro airport last week because it was supported he was one of the Kidnapping targets of the Brazilian underground, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency has learned. He flew here with his family last week to avoid the possibility of abduction. Similar action was taken by the Dutch ambassador to Rio, who left incognito. The Brazilian terrorists have been encouraged by their success in obtaining the release of some 70 of their fellows in return for the life of Swiss Ambassador Giovanni Enrico Bucher. It was expected they would attempt additional kidnappings, and Harkavi was believed to be high on their list. The Jewish Telegraphic Agency has learned from Brazilian sources that Brazilian Army circles are adamant against further yielding to terrorist demands and are threatening a military coup should the government free any more of them. Foreign diplomats thus appear to be in real danger in Brazil at this time.