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Tsukerman Arrives in Israel with Family; Sees Eventual Exodus by Soviet Jews

Boris Tsukerman, a Soviet Jewish scientist active in the struggle for emigration rights, arrived here tonight with his wife and two children to settle in Israel. He told newsmen that eventually, Jews will be allowed to leave the Soviet Union but “until then, the road will be difficult and slow and might require sacrifices.” Tsukerman, who received his exit visa only three days before he left Moscow on Monday, said the trials of Russian Jews were not achieving their purpose. They are not sowing fear and confusion among Jews, he said. But, he added, the trials will continue. According to Tsukerman the struggle of Jews inside Russia is unorganized. “Each one is struggling along but is conscious of the support of many others,” he said, Asked if he thought that demonstrations of support in Israel and other countries helped the cause of Soviet Jewry, he said he “could not judge” but did know that “these demonstrations are a source of encouragement to Soviet Jews.”