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16 Suspected Terrorists Detained by Security Forces; Armed Terrorist Killed

Sixteen suspected Arab terrorists were detained yesterday by Israeli security forces searching the El Burej refugee camp in the Gaza Strip. Some of those detained may have been involved in a murder in the camp last week, according to Israeli officials. El Burej was one of the first camps in which security roads were constructed and it has been one of the quietest camps in the Gaza Strip. But because of the murder there last week, Israeli forces accompanied by Defense Minister Moshe Dayan and the army’s southern commander Aric Sharon, surrounded the camp yesterday morning and ordered the men to concentrate in the plaza. After an identification parade, the Israelis detained the 16 who are suspected of subversive activities. In another refugee camp, Jebaliya, an armed terrorist was killed during an encounter with an Israeli army patrol yesterday afternoon. Three other terrorists escaped and searches were conducted to catch them.