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Anti-semitic Campaign Triggered by Involvement of Three Jews in France’s Worst Financial Scandal in

The involvement of three Jews in one of France’s worst financial scandals in recent years has touched off an anti-Semitic campaign in extremist circles and is being used by far right-wing elements to discredit the Pompidou regime. Police have issued a “wanted” bulletin for 42-year-old Claude Lipsky, a Jewish financier and real estate operator who is the central figure in the scandal. Two other Jews, Robert Frankel and Victor Rochenoir, have been arrested. Lipsky has fled the country. (It was reported from Tel Aviv today that Lipsky arrived in Israel three days ago with his wife and son. Israeli police were reportedly approached by French police through Interpol but no extradition request has been received so far.)

Circles here believe that information that Lipsky fled to Israel could further fan anti-Semitism in some quarters. There are also political ramifications to the case inasmuch as a Gaullist deputy, Rives Henry, has been charged with complicity and a former aide to President Pompidou has been arrested on similar charges. Lipsky is charged with a real estate swindle involving millions of dollars and thousands of persons who bought shares in a mutual trust company dealing in land. The government and the general press have tried to avoid stressing or even mentioning the Jewish origins of the three suspects. But several right-wing publications have seized on that aspect of the case.