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Mrs. Trepper in Copenhagen; Will Appeal to World Opinion to Pressure Polish Authorities to Grant Exi

Mrs. Elisabeth Trepper arrived here from Warsaw today to visit her son, Michael Brojde and to appeal to world opinion to pressure Polish authorities to grant her and her husband exit visas so that they can settle in Israel. She said they have applied four times and were rejected each time.

Mrs. Trepper is the wife of Leopold Trepper, the master spy who headed the Soviet espionage network in Western Europe during World War II. Polish authorities have refused him an exit visa on grounds that he “knows too much.” Mrs. Trepper was given a temporary visa to visit her son here. She said she also intends to visit her son Edward who lives in Israel and who she says is sick and cannot travel abroad.

Mrs. Trepper told newsmen that her husband spent two months in Israel in 1966 and could have revealed all the “secrets” he knew at that time had he wanted to. She assailed French authorities for denying her an entry visa to visit France where Michael had earlier begun a campaign on behalf of his father.